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Woman found dead in Bali got $840,000 in cruise line settlement
The estate left behind eight years ago by James L. Mack, whose wife was found stuffed in a suitcase in Bali last week, didn’t amount to much — at first. (8/19/14)
Police reports describe girl biting, punching mom found in suitcase
The Chicago woman found stuffed in a suitcase last week on the resort island of Bali described a reign of terror by her daughter to Oak Park police in the years leading up to her death. (8/18/14)
Alleged ringleader in Joliet double-murder could go on trial Sept. 22
The alleged ringleader behind the strangling deaths of two men on Hickory Street in Joliet last year could go to trial late next month. (8/14/14)
Judge to issue verdict in Joliet double-murder trial on Aug. 29
Nicole Jones still wishes her son a good morning and good night every day. (8/12/14)