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Judge orders city to leave proposed Lucas Museum site unaltered
A federal judge on Tuesday ordered the city not to physically alter the proposed site of The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art until further order of the court during the opening legal battle between the city and opponents of the museum. (11/25/14)
3 bodies, few answers and a web of deception
Teresa Jarding’s uninvited guests began showing up at her house in the quiet, rural town of Fowler, Indiana, 100 miles south of Chicago, just before the annual fall harvest festival. (11/23/14)
Rauner wants Quinn to freeze hiring
Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner visited the Capitol Thursday and called on outgoing Gov. Pat Quinn to implement a hiring freeze in the final days of his administration. (11/20/14)
Lawmakers have deal for Uber, Lyft-type rideshare standards
State lawmakers say they've reached a deal with members of the ridesharing and taxi industries to put new minimum statewide standards in place for services like Uber and Lyft. (11/20/14)