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jon seidel’s latest headlines:
No bail for teen accused of sexually assaulting CSU student
The pregnant Chicago State University student was gathering books from her car when someone suddenly held a steak knife to her side, a prosecutor said. (9/14/14)

Joliet woman guilty in double-murder; two more to stand trial
Terrance Rankins’ mother raised her hand as she prepared to leave the Will County courthouse Friday. (8/29/14)
Chicago celebrates Jackie Robinson West with parade, rally
The boys from the South Side didn’t quite realize how hard Chicago had fallen for them. (8/27/14)

Mom of man held in Bali killing raising money for defense
The mother of an Oak Park man detained overseas after the gruesome death of a Chicago woman found stuffed in a suitcase in Bali is raising money online for his legal defense. (8/27/14)