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Jackie Robinson West loses title over false map
The Jackie Robinson West All Stars became a yellow beacon of hope last summer to a city plagued by violence — and a country torn apart over race. But reality took hold on Chicago’s false moment of purity on Wednesday. (2/11/15)
New charge is 2nd time Drew Peterson accused of trying to hire hit man
Moments before he learned his sentence for murdering his third wife, Drew Peterson told James Glasgow to look him in the eye. “Never forget my face,” Peterson told Glasgow, the Will County State’s Attorney. “Never forget what you’ve done here.” (2/9/15)
Judge orders teen charged with attacking mayor’s son held in custody
The teen accused of punching Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s son and stealing his cellphone in a brazen mugging outside the mayor’s house appeared in court Monday, where a judge ordered him taken into custody. (2/9/15)
State Senate passes minimum wage hike that goes higher, faster than Rauner wants
SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois Senate on Thursday passed an increase in the state’s minimum wage to $11 by 2019, one day after Gov. Bruce Rauner used his State of the State speech to pitch a lower, more gradual increase. (2/5/15)